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  1. This guy cannot be on Unkillable, Someone please tell me, anyone who has read Lovecraft, the outer gods must have a weakness of some kind or something that they can’t handle, like what’s they’re kryptonite?, now before he died, John Constantine said that he knew a way to turn the girls back to normal and return their souls, now I know you can’t spoil the ending, but please at least tell me, but there is someone in the DC universe that poses a serious threat to this guys existence.

    1. Well, Lovecraftian Gods don’t have weaknesses, at least none that a human can exploit.
      They can however be kept asleep, which can’t happen now since our big bad is awake.

  2. Ah, I hoped until the end that he would bring those two back to the world of the living (it would also be very dark, showing that suicide is not a way to escape).

    By the way, I hope you will soon update the events calendar.

  3. So I’m curious, was does power girl and super girl look different when corrupted? They are the same person from different universe’s correct? Does a person’s corrupted state reflect their purpose?

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