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  1. You are a great writer and an amazing artist @TheBlackPharaoh. Please keep in mind whatever I’m about to write is constructive feedback and is in no way a jab at your amazing work. For me, by this point, the erotics of this book is secondary and the plot is primary. So I’m very sorry to say that by this point this story is a complete drag and there is no hope for the heores.
    You’ve several storyline lined up even after Nyarlathotep destroys Justice Society of America. There’s the obvious one with Batman’s plan to try to take out Nyarlathotep. Whatever the hell Nyarlathotep wants to do with Black Mercy and the Garden he has made at Arkham. Then there’s the Trojan Horse Donna Troy. Nightgaunt Supergirl and other cronies going to fight with New Genesis- Darkseid- Lantern Corps alliance who are orbiting The Earth to contain Nyarlathotep. The storyline with Felix Faust, Black Adam and Enchantress hadn’t been touched since several chapters. I’m pretty sure Faust’s story of how Nyarlathotep was released is also utter bull. To be honest, all of these sub plots are kind of anti-climactic and what everyone really wants to see is Nyarlathotep making a move to retrieve his bride.
    Heroes’ situation is pretty obvious but let me point it out just for the sake of it. By this point Nyarlathotep has a massive army of Nightgaunts. Vixen can take out the likes of Bane, Killer Croc and Solomon Grundy just as easily as she butchered the GCPD. Powerhouses like Captain Marvel and Superman have already been taken care off by their female counterparts who were the first ones to be corrupted. Any magical being like Black Adam can be subdued by Zatanna, Raven and Madame Xandu. And as soon as Oracle locates Luthor, she can not only sabotage his equipment remotely but she can take over any techno-organic ally the resistance has and turn them into her drones like she did with Cyborg. Not to mention by this point Nyarlathotep himself has the power of all of the men her Nightgaunts absorbed, the Olympians he screwed, the Medusa Mask and several of Raven’s power. The only person who could’ve taken out Nyarlathotep was John Constantine who was defeated in the same way as Superman was.
    Most importantly, at least for me, you haven’t have revealed the fate of Damein Wayne after Catwoman and Spoiler were lost. Just FYI, would’ve loved Nightgaunt Spoiler. If Batman were to convince League of Assassins to help him, then Damein Wayne is his easy way to convince Ra’s quickly.
    Anyhow, this story has been amazing. I might’ve started following it only this year but I’ve loved. Just the dragging is tiresome and waiting eagerly for some consequential plot as well as corruption of Wonder Woman. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

    1. First of all, thank you so much for your valuable feedback, I’m aware of many of the points your mentioning and I’ve been trying to correct as much as possible, but sometimes it get’s a little hard to do that, since I have several pages in advance, and any course direction could take several months before it’s been seen. Many of the subplots you mention will be addressed soon, Damian is coming and the Felix Faust, Enchantress, Black Adam plot is reaching it’s endgame. Regarding the how or if they will defeat Nyarlathotep, I can’t give you any insight because it would be too spoilery. I’m glad you stayed for the plot, and I can asure you, things will star to move a lot more in the coming months.

    2. i would like to point out two things:
      1)There is hope for heroes because superman is still alive…..he just needs a lil sun…ik kara left him away from sun but he is still floating in space….there is a possibility that he heals.
      2)John constantine is still alive……even in the comics constantine has returned from the dead more than thousand times…..his soul is too precious …..so the lords of the hell let him live…

      Even characters like lucifer morningstar are yet to make an appearance….and there is no way Nyrlathotep can stand up against the likes of lucifer….lucifer is stronger than constantine…and constantine nearly killed Nyrlathotep

        1. i hope constantine is alive…that guy legit survived two direct hits from pralaya(catastrophe),pralaya did consume the presence too….he even beat blight….a being who presence himself fears

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