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  1. Sorry to say but I kinda hoped Liberty Bell would be cuckold in front of Hourman. You literally corrupt them in a single panel. Please let Power Girl’s corruption be longer.

  2. I super agree with Roger! I SO miss the old days of 6-7 panels transformation.
    – progressive growth of horns, teeth, mouth lines, claws, tail etc.
    – Dialogue lines changing as they go from scared, to trying to resist, to slowly giving in to temptation, to loving the dark sexuality.
    Honestly you could stretch a single transformation out to 10 or even 20 panels and it would not be too long. This is what we came here for (for people like me, anyway).

    It would be so cool if you would add some speech bubbles for Liberty and Judomaster in this panel. Those are the characters I am really interested to hear from. Can we please hear what they are feeling/thinking as they go through their changes?

    1. Trouble is: His Powers are growing. As he said on page 163, his power is so great now, that “they just turn without a fight”.

      Btw, who is the woman mit the speech bubble? The woman in the upper left corner.

      1. Top left would be Lightning. I had to look it up.
        Of course you are right that the Master’s power explains why the tf’s are faster. But if it’s intended as sexy/hentai, we can easily work around that to provide more enjoyment.
        For example, they could have just one in-between transformation picture where everyone is freaking out because it happens so fast.
        And to go even further, there is no reason why we could not have more panels showing a short timeframe, for example 1 second of time shown as 5 drawings to show the progression of changes. I personally would find the comic much more exciting with more in-between pictures.
        They could use thought bubbles instead of speech bubbles to show the character reacting in a lot of detail even though it’s a short time (too fast to say much).

  3. How pathetic, a God who has to rely on siphoning out other peoples powers to make himself stronger, and using his dick to corrupt them and make them do all of his heavy lifting, some thing is pathetic and insignificant as that doesn’t deserve to live, HAKAI.

  4. hawk heywood ripped apart body by the demon king aka the master his tentacles is killing me to now tomcat aka tommy bronson his stabbed his brain killing me by the demon king

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