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  1. Awesome the Alien transformation Black Pharaoh. But i have a question, what happens or happened with Batman and the worm that he has inside of him? will he change or corrupt more heroines in the future?

          1. Some other alien intelligence? Or just something that has developed due to his exposure to the intense energy that is the lust of a Nightgaunt? Seeing as there really isn’t anyone that has survived actually putting their dick into that level of crazy thus far….there really isn’t a way to tell what or if any side effects there might be from it. Or really anyone that has survived Madame Xanadu, so it could be something to do with her toxins.

  2. The story is very good, same as reading DC comic original in dark multiverse.. hmm cannot wait the ending.. evil or the angel who win 🙂

    1. I want a full detail print of her, she is that bloody beautiful. Just a beautiful blend of white martian anatomy with the human female form.

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