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  1. Hey im finally back, and I have done some thinking and research and I think I finally have the perfect plan. Now Remember my Infinity Gauntlet Idea?, I did some research and I finally got it. Now we know that batman has traveled to the multiverse and other earths, and your right the gauntlet doesn’t work in the dc universe but I did some research and I found a way it could. Once they or just batman goes to marvel and gets the gauntlet he could just go to Doctor Strange and have him put a spell or hex on it, then use the soul and Mind stones to turn the girl’s souls and minds back to normal, then use the space stone to teleport Nyarlathotep away far enough to let the girls recover. Then when he comes back let the girls get some payback and bet the Fucking Shit out of him, then when he’s vulnerable enough, just walk over to him and snap him out of existence right to his face and watch him dust away. Then naturally return the stones to the Avengers, then put the whole nightmare behind them. NOW HOW’s THAT FOR A PLAN I’VE SAID IT BEFORE BUT IM GOING TO SAY IT AGAIN, I AM A GODDAMN GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Also I think a also would have barrowed Mjolnir or Stormbreaker because I think Batman is worthy and we already know Wonder Woman is.

      1. do you think the lords of order will step in or the guardians do you think time travel could be used in this story

  3. Well, since Doctor Fate is dead and Madame Xanadu has gone native, I don’t think there will be any Lords of Order. Regarding time travel, there will be none.

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