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  1. The one on the top right is Red Robin, correct? And Kate is Batwoman, I think (what would I give to see her transformation…). But now…in the first panel, is Jim Gordon there? If you killed the Commissioner, I’ll stop reading this comic!

      1. ok…sorry but this just feels WRONG. I would like for it to end with everything restored to what it was before that thing showed up

  2. I was hoping we’d see the Batfamily falling like we saw Superman’s fall. Not just a quick panel.

    That being said will we see more in-depth pages on male heroes dying?

  3. I was hoping to see the Batfamily fall in a more in-depth way. Like how we saw Superman die. Not just a one panel thing.

    Any chance we’ll see more male heroes be drained in more detail?

  4. I adore your art and I am a big fun, but just out of curiosity since I like this kind of fetish, why have you decided to kill the male superheroes instead of turning them into lustful slaves and create an army? Something like an oposite universe where all the good guys, male and female heroes are corrupted?

    1. I thought about that at the very beginning of the story, one of my first ideas was to turn the males into zombie-like creatures after they were drained (Have you seen the Life force movie?) But the idea never fully convinced me. But as I’ve said before at leat 1 male will be corrupted.

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