Corrupted Supergirl

Corrupted Supergirl

Last year when i was halfway tracing this project, i did 4 watercolor portrait, from those who will be corrupted in the first two chapters of my parody, this ain’t the final designs, as you’ve seen in Zatanna’s case she had some minor changes from the original illustration i did of her.

4 Replies to “Corrupted Supergirl”

  1. nice job ******* :v
    im from google so i know your wp
    ps: dont tell my boss , and please update the comic more often , it was a cliff hanger last time XD .

    1. Thanks Jacke, it’s kinda scary to be identified by my Google ID, but i guess those are risks in a digital era. I’m glad you like my comic, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to post more often in the near future. Now the very interesting thing it’s that you are not the first Google employee to point out I should not tell their boss.

      1. Haha this comic is very popular in my office , bunch of geek at deepmind readed this comic and they like it !

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