5th Anniversary Portrait of corruption suggestion

5th Anniversary Portrait of corruption suggestion

Hello everyone.
As I mentioned before. This month marks my 5th anniversary on Patreon and I would like to do something special. As of now every month you get to suggest a character and corruption theme in a couple mashup polls. But this time let’s do something different. I want you to suggest a complete Portrait of corruption. With characters and corruption theme. It can be any character and theme you want within my usual boundaries and restrictions. It can be sequel of any existing Portrait of corruption too.
I’ll give you a couple days for you to send your suggestions both in Twitter and on Discord in the Portraits on corruption channel. From there we’ll make a poll with the best suggestions to choose 1 proposals that will come to life.

12 Replies to “5th Anniversary Portrait of corruption suggestion”

  1. ‪Hmmm,‬
    ‪How about some female Jedi being corrupted on a council : Shaak Ti, Luminara Undili, Ayala Secura, Ashoka Tano, Barriss Offee, ‬

  2. The ladies of the Legion of Super Heroes would be a hot corruption theme – multiple females
    love to see them lustful corruption

  3. Death of the Endless wears an outfit in between Lady Death’s and a Slave Leia bikini that’s entirely sheer in the hands of Thanos. She has cum running between her legs and one of Thanos’s hands is running through her hair, which is shorn to be almost a pixie-cut, as he finishes clasping a collar with the clenched infinity gauntlet sigil around her neck. The theme is slavery and Thanos seeking a triumph over his own Death by enslaving the one in the DC Universe to make her jealous, with the backdrop Mistress Death in her classic Raven-ish shape watching with a look of either anger or detachment in her eyes, whichever makes the scenario more twisted to you.

    1. Ahsoka was capture by the empire while she was visting Alderaan and the emporer wants her to turn to the darkside so he sends the Eighth Brothers and Mara Jade, Mara Jade eat Ahsoka pussy while the Eighth Brothers fucks her. She has cum all over her montrals and her eyes are blue but their is yellow circle around the edges of hers eyes and her skin is dark reddish instead of her orange skin that she normally has

  4. The most stylish and sexy DC and Marvel super heroes transformed and corrupted into evil super girls by thanos, mku and lord chaos with a sexy and evil female appearance with dark and demon outfits. dark red eyes, midnight blue gloves, black boots, a dark black outfit and a demonic slave girl and drag queen doll side personality and a demon penis. On the darkest place in the universe.

  5. I’m recently getting heavily into Warhammer 40k and I love Chaos corrupted characters! I’d love to see some Slaaneshi, Tzeentch, Nurgle, and Khorne corrupted/gifted characters! I think I’ve seen where you’ve done something like it before but not a lot! OR even Genestealer versions of heroines?

  6. Or, Lovecraftian Deep One versions of DC/Marvel characters? You’ve seen Dagon or read Shadow Over Insmouth?

  7. Dear pharoah Make a Series on Mortal kombat series …like the forsaken souls….it will be nice i guess…

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